The JAMBLOCK™ Safety System


2postprojTelevision and radio shows will be interrupted by a “Breaking News” bulletin about an armed intruder in the hallways of a school, a municipal building, a hospital, or a business. It may be a troubled student with a gun in the local high school. It may be an angry ex-husband of a nurse at the community medical clinic. Perhaps it will be a laid-off employee on a mission to pay back those who gave him the pink slip at the local industry. Maybe it will be a misguided citizen with a weapon in a municipal building, or even a home-grown terrorist delivering a political message. Unfortunately, it WILL happen again. 

SAFETY has become a top priority and concern for emergency management directors. Emergency planning and preparation have become paramount. Terms such as crisis situation….code red….active shooter….hallway intruder… security breach and building lockdown have crept into our vocabulary. School administrators, business leaders and government officials must make critical decisions (while at the same time working with shrinking budgets) to provide a safe environment.

McMar Design has created a crisis lockdown safety device that may be the most logical and affordable answer to your safety concerns. Our patented JAMBLOCK™ is a single piece of lightweight crafted steel that will secure virtually any door in seconds. It needs no keys, no electricity, no batteries, and no special codes in its operation. It has no expensive add-on options. Reasonably priced, the JAMBLOCK™ has a one-time-only purchase cost factor. It can be used repeatedly for years (even decades) to provide a secure lockdown of a room/office  when a crisis situation arises. Not only can the JAMBLOCK™ secure a door in seconds, it can also be removed in seconds if an evacuation order is announced.

The JAMBLOCK™ has incredible strength, yet is simple and easy to use in a stressful situation. School administrators who have already purchased the JAMBLOCK™ have described it as “amazing”andingenious”.

The JAMBLOCK™ provides added security features that cannot be provided by the conventional key/lock system. Police departments encourage using the JAMBLOCK™.  It affords first-responders a visual level of security when responding to a crisis not found in other safety products. A chief of police recently said   “You have the next-generation school safety product that we can put into use immediately, today. It is an amazing device”. A director of emergency management stated,This device will save lives”.

If you have the responsibility of making safety decisions for your school, workplace, or community, we encourage you to contact us. We will come to your location and give you a hands-on demonstration of the JAMBLOCK™. The entire demonstration takes about fifteen minutes, no more. If a decision is made to purchase the JAMBLOCK™, your safety team then does a walk-through of your building, calculating the probable number of JAMBLOCK™ devices needed. A Purchase Order is the next step. When we receive your purchase order, we return to your site to measure your doorjambs, accompanied by your representative. A good fit is done for each door. Next, we review the final cost factor. If all the information is accurate, we manufacture your new JAMBLOCKS™.

The JAMBLOCK™ system is not the final solution to school or municipal shootings, but it adds another important layer of security to your overall safety plan.