The JAMBLOCK™ Safety System


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  • Is the JAMBLOCK™ made in the United States?

    Yes, every JAMBLOCK™ safety device is proudly made in the USA (in Pennsylvania). Each one is powder-coated to provide a toxic-free durable coating in your choice of color.  JAMBLOCK™ was awarded a US Patent.
  • Today’s latest high-tech device may be outdated tomorrow. Will we have to purchase new add-ons or upgrades in the future?

    No add-ons or upgrades for the JAMBLOCK™ will be needed. It is a ‘once-and-done’ purchase. The JAMBLOCK™ is very simple to use, has incredible strength, and can be used again and again for decades into the future.
  • Will you give us a hands-on demonstration at our site? Is there a fee for the demonstration?

    Our hands-on demonstration at your site is free. It takes only fifteen minutes, no more.
  • How do we assess our needs for the JAMBLOCK™? How many devices will we need?

    Your safety team must do a walk-through of your hallways. Determine the probable number of doors that must be locked down for student/employee safety. Once a decision is confirmed to purchase the JAMBLOCK™, we return to your site to measure all the doorjambs. Each device is made for a good fit.
  • In addition to single-doors, some of our rooms have double-doors (band room, wood shop). Can the JAMBLOCK™ also secure double-doors?

    Yes. We have different JAMBLOCK™ styles for different door styles. It will help to secure virtually any door style. Each one comes with an I.D. tag attached.
  • Portions of our buildings have been remodeled, including new additions. We have door locks and key series from several vendors. Some doors have no keys at all. Can the JAMBLOCK™ secure all of these doors?

    Yes. The JAMBLOCK™ is an independent lockdown system. It will help secure a door with any type of locking system. JAMBLOCKS™ will also help secure doors that have no locks, no keys, or no door knobs.
  • If our safety team recommends the purchase of the JAMBLOCK™ system, what is the turnaround time for having them delivered to us?

    As soon as your purchase order/contract has been received, McMar Design will begin making your JAMBLOCKS™. As stated, each one is made for each of your doors. In most cases, the turnaround time for your order should be less than six weeks.
  • Who trains our employees on the use of the JAMBLOCK™?

    Using the JAMBLOCK™ is very simple. Each JAMBLOCK™ can be locked into place in just seconds. It can also be removed just as quickly if there is an order for an evacuation. Your safety team can train staff members in minutes. We recommend periodic practice sessions as a follow-up. Again, the practice lockdown takes just seconds.
  • Where do we store the JAMBLOCKS™ when not in use?

    Your safety team decides the storage location in each room or office for your JAMBLOCKS™. It should be consistent throughout your building. Two popular locations are in a designated desk drawer or in emergency-go kits.
  • Our school recently installed new door/key locks for all classrooms and offices. Our employees now have new keys to their doors. Why should we consider the JAMBLOCK™ system?

    A bit of research in safety procedures may change your mind. A distribution of keys could easily turn into a nightmare. How many employees will forget or misplace their keys on a given day? How many employees will panic in a true crisis situation, breaking or jamming their door keys? If a school student or unauthorized person gets a key, your entire key system could be compromised in a matter of seconds. Most important….what if the assailant is a member of your staff; someone who is already authorized to have a key?

    Compare key systems to the JAMBLOCK™ system. A single breakdown or compromise in your key system will require new key coding and another new set of keys for employees. This could happen again and again. Each occurrence adds another cost factor to your safety budget. In comparison, only one JAMBLOCK™ is ever needed to help secure a door. It never needs to be re-fitted or re-coded. It should never leave its room or office location. . Unlike keys, it will never be “in my other purse, in my other jacket, or in my other car” at the time of a crisis. All need-to-know employees are trained in its usage. No one else is involved. The JAMBLOCK™ has a one-time-only purchase cost, period. You will never have to re-key, re-wire, re-code, or purchase expensive add-on components.

    Each JAMBLOCK™ will be ready to serve you again and again, year after year, at a very reasonable purchase price. It adds an important layer of security to your safety program at a reasonable one-time-only cost. It will compliment any system already in place.

  • Now may not be a good time for purchasing the JAMBLOCK™ system. For the time being, our current key system is good enough. Can we contact you at a later date?

    Yes, our JAMBLOCK™ system will be available to you today, tomorrow, and into the future. Our concern, however, is the term ‘good enough’. Potential failures of key and card locking systems are already known. If your priority is student and employee safety, good enough may not be good enough. We ask you to re-examine your safety program products. Are they really good enough?

    Perhaps some creative thinking is needed if funds are limited at this time. Consider moving a small percentage from other line items in your budget. Consider a safety theme, such as Adopt A Door. Using a theme, employees can contribute to their own safety. Take the Adopt A Door theme to local leaders, businesses, and fraternal organizations in your area. You may be surprised at the results. Consider applying for grant money from your local or state government, or from a charitable foundation that services your area. Priority decisions are just that. You must decide if your safety program and lockdown devices are really good enough.